Liability Insurance: an insurance cover intended for cargo carriers.

A compulsory type of insurance the purpose of which is to protect the Carrier´s liability in the transportation of third-party goods. It covers its liability from the time the cargo is loaded on the vehicle through to unloading from the vehicle at final destination.


Differently from cargo insurance, liability insurance covers are quite restrictive. Their objective is to indemnify damage caused to merchandise by an accident involving the transport vehicle. This type of insurance does not cover robbery or theft of merchandise nor damage arising from inadequate packaging or poor product packaging. Also, neither fortuitous nor force majeure risks are covered.


In the case of an accident or damage occurring during transportation of the merchandise, the Liability insurance policyholder is indemnified for the damage that it have caused to third-party goods transported.

Types of Insurance

Trucker’s Liability Insurance – (RCTR-C)
This insurance, contracted by the road carrier, reimburses any amounts that the road carrier may have to pay in connection with damage caused to third party goods transported by it.

Trucker’s facultative liability insurance for cargo disappearance (RCF-DC)
This insurance, which is contracted by the carrier, provides cover against robbery of third party cargo in transit, including the disappearance of the vehicle.

Trucker’s Liability – International Voyages (RCT-VI)
It is also contracted by the carrier on international travel, protecting it in its responsibility with the cargo transported.

Hull Insurance
Insurance contracted to cover damage to the sea vessel (hull).

P & I Insurance
Protection & Indemnity insurance covers losses accidentally caused to third-parties by the operations of the vessel.

Compulsory Waterborne Carrier’s Liability Insurance / Cargo – (contracted by waterborne transportation companies (sea, river and lake).

Aviation Third-Party Liability Insurance (RETA). Compulsory insurance.
This insurance is contracted to cover crew, passengers and luggage, as well as possible damage caused by the aircraft itself.

Aviation Liability Insurance – Combined Single Limit (LUC)
Coverage in excess of RETA to cover damages to third parties, including defense and salvage costs as well as medical assistance and supplementary expenses, among others.