Thousands of companies worldwide contract Cargo Transportation insurance to protect their merchandise.

Both in the case of domestic and international shipments, Cargo Transportation insurance is intended for shippers, and covers losses caused to goods and merchandise while being transported by water, land (roads and railroads), and air or during multimodal transportation.

As this insurance is complex and covers a dynamic activity, the Broker must necessarily understand the operation, map the risks inherent to specific operations, and develop the most adequate insurance policy.


Parties involved in Cargo Transportation insurance:

  • Insurance Broker: In addition to its strategic activity with the Insured, the insurance Broker is responsible for the operating and commercial support prior to and after the issuance of the policy, and for following through on the adjustment, settlement and payment of losses;
  • Carrier: The party responsible for the transportation of cargo in accordance with the provisions of the Brazilian Civil Code, specifically Articles 730 to 733 and 743 to 756 (Transportation of Things);
  • Insured: The party responsible for contracting the insurance, and for the supply of the information required for preparation of the policy, and premium payment;
  • Insurer: Assumes the risk of the operation, in accordance with the policy conditions, and indemnifies the insured in connection with the occurrence of risks insured.

CredRisk Marine is at your entire disposal to guide you and help you find the best solution in terms of Cargo Transportation insurance for your company.


The document that requires to be completed by the person interested in the insurance, where all the information about the risks is shown. The Insurer has 15 days from the date of receipt of the proposal, to accept it or reject it.


There are three types of policy:
Single policy: Recommended for a small number of shipments.
Declaration policy: Requires proof of shipment of the insured cargo. It is recommended for insureds who make several shipments.
Annual policy with premium paid in instalments: also called “adjustable policy”. In this case, the policy is contracted for a year, and the premium is calculated based on the yearly estimate of shipments.


The insured must report any loss as soon as possible to the Insurer, and provide the information and documents required to substantiate the claim.


After delivery of all the documents requested, the insurer shall pay the indemnity within a maximum period of 30 days. The indemnity shall be paid in cash, however, if the Insured agrees, the insurer may replace lost merchandise or goods.

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