Code of Ethics

CredRisk is registered with Fenacor – The National Federation of Private Insurance and Reinsurance Brokers, Capitalization, Private Pension, and Insurance and Reinsurance Brokerage Firms.

As such, we abide by the code of ethics of the said entity, which among others, sets forth the following provisions:

Principles and obligations

  • To provide precise and true information in order to enable adequate evaluation, rating and acceptance of risks;
  • To act with dignity and loyalty at all times, and not to furnish misleading or groundless information concerning its professional abilities, and in no case, provide to its clients direct or indirect advantages that conflict with legislation;
  • To collaborate with regulatory and inspection entities towards improved streamlining, regulation and control of the insurance market;
  • To keep full confidentiality by reason of its professional activities, except in those cases provided for in the law or when so requested by competent authorities;
  • To practice its profession with probity, not to commit acts contrary to the provisions of this Code, and not to commit acts that may be defined as violations;
  • To act in good faith, not to alter or misrepresent the contents of documents, and not to furnish information that is not true;
  • To abstain from issuing understandings and opinions without being adequately informed, authorized and documented;
  • To immediately deliver any amounts and documents destined to clients;
  • To faithfully discharge any obligations and commitments arising from contracts or other instruments, as may be assumed with insureds and insurers, and to hold itself jointly and severally liable for acts committed by Agents appointed by it;
  • To maintain personal records adequately updated with the supervisory body and the representative entities, in accordance with the current legislation;
  • To comply with the provisions set forth in the Federal Constitution, the Consumer Protection Code, and the Civil Code, particularly as they refer to brokerage, and other pertinent laws, regulations and normative acts.

Social Relations

  • To cooperate towards the advancement of the profession, through interchange of information and technical expertise, and contribute with its work to class entities, schools, and technical and scientific information entities;
  • To use propaganda in a clear and direct manner, and to offer and advertise services that are compatible with commercial practices, and the current legislation;
  • To set aside personal interests in favor of the community, in order to offer greater cooperation for the development of the insurance market;
  • To regard the profession as a high title of honor, not to practice and not to contribute to the practice of acts that may compromise credibility and citizenship.